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In The Dust, Tom Abbott’s third album, peeks into the mindset of a fresh college grad thrown head-first into 2020’s COVID-infected world. “For the past year or so (like pretty much everyone right now), I’ve been dealing with a lot of confusion and self-doubt.” In likeness to its album art, the 10-track release is a collage of Tom’s thoughts: cluttered, yet felt all at once. Songs like “Fork In The Road'' and “Barricade” give a taste of the frustration and uncertainty accompanying early adulthood. Others, such as “Something I’ve Been Thinking About” and “Gone”, reminisce about the simpler times of longing for past love. Tom brings a refreshing blend of gritty vocals, acoustic angst, and persistent pop undertones throughout his full length album. “These songs are very personal and, at times, were difficult to write, but if just one person is able to understand it on that level, it will all be so worth it.“.

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