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Origin: Wrenthem, MA

Genre: Folk-Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Related Artists: Neutral Milk Hotel, The Decemberists, The Mountain Goats

Years Active: 2017 - Present

Official Website:



New England’s newest singer-songwriter is at the forefront of the anti-folk sonic revival. Influenced by indie rock legends Neutral Milk Hotel and singer-songwriter Andy Shauf, Tom Abbott creates an immersive folk-punk experience for youthful rockers to enjoy. Through the grit of his vocals and  jovial orchestral arrangements, Tom’s sound is the next step to rejuvenating the anti-folk genre. After serving as a guitarist for several alternative rock bands, he decided to go solo under his own name. Since then, the Boston-based artist has produced 3 full-length albums, been taught by iconic New England Conservatory musicians, and garnered attention from The Deli Magazine. Tom’s music is a “pristine example of New England’s rich folk-rock history” (The Deli Magazine).



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